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Enhance Your Dance Moves and Boost Your Confidence with Elegant, Ready-to-Wear Dancewear and Sophisticated Accessories

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Melody Movement

Melody Movement Boutique is the premier dance apparel brand. We provide elegance and comfort in designs that specifically compliment dancers performing cultural and folkloric styles from around the world. Our practice wear, accessories, costumes, and custom-designed orders are assembled and procured with the utmost quality and care. We focus on ready-to-wear cultural dance garments, and high quality crystal adornments created with respect and careful consideration for our teachers, professional performers, and passionate hobbyists!




Melody Movement Boutique is the premier apparel brand for the global dance community. Our elegant and comfortable practice wear, costumes, accessories, and custom-designed orders beautifully complement dancers who perform cultural and folkloric styles from around the world. 


We’ve made it our mission to make exquisitely designed, comfortable dancewear accessible to dancers worldwide, regardless of their clothing size or budget. 

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Our founder, Ella, was inspired to start Melody Movement Boutique after noticing that she was the only dancer who dressed up for her dance classes. Before moving to Houston, she was a member of China’s elite MENAHT dance world. She and dancers of all levels always wore cute practice wear to their classes that highlighted their movements while boosting their confidence.


After speaking to Lebanese Simon in 2016, Ella realized that dancers in the US and worldwide would love wearing cute, comfy dancewear to their classes, too. She started working with top Chinese manufacturers to bring the best dancewear designs to our customers.


We work closely with manufacturers to source fabulous, affordable, ready-to-wear dancewear for MENAHT dancers everywhere. To ensure the designs fit your needs, we partner with our manufacturers to create inclusive size charts and guarantee everything is made with standardized, high-quality fabrics.

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