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Enhance Your Dance Moves and Boost Your Confidence with Elegant, Ready-to-Wear Dancewear and Sophisticated Accessories 

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Melody Movement Boutique is the premier apparel brand for the global dance community. Our elegant and comfortable practice wear, costumes, accessories, and custom-designed orders beautifully complement dancers who perform cultural and folkloric styles from around the world. 


We’ve made it our mission to make exquisitely designed, comfortable dancewear accessible to dancers worldwide, regardless of their clothing size or budget. 


For far too long, MENAHT dancers only had two options when buying gear for their performances and classes. They could buy cheaply made costumes that required alterations and reinforcements. Or, they could spend hundreds of dollars on expensive custom-made pieces to avoid altering their costumes. 

Our boutique fills the void left in the industry by offering beautiful, ready-to-wear dancewear at affordable prices. Thanks to our founder’s connections with the best dancewear manufacturers, we can bring beautiful designs to our customers around the globe. We work closely within our supply chain to source exquisite, ready-to-wear items, create more inclusive size charts, and ensure that all our offerings are made with standardized, high-quality fabrics. 


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Whether you’re a teacher, professional performer, or enthusiastic hobbyist, our dancewear and accessories beautifully complement your figure, highlight your moves, and boost your confidence on stage and in the studio. 


We’re based out of Melody Movement Studio in Houston, Texas, and we’re proud to be a small, woman-owned business. We love all of our customers, and we strive to turn each purchase into a luxury boutique experience. We pay attention to tiny details and beautifully package your order, so you know how much we appreciate you. 


Thank you for allowing us to provide you with fabulous dance apparel as you continue your dance journey! 

To visit our boutique, email us to schedule an in-person or virtual shopping appointment! And to stock up on your favorite Melody Movement Boutique creations, head to our online store.


Get to Know
Our Founder

Originally from Shanghai, China, Ella moved to Houston in 2016. Before moving, Ella was part of China’s elite dance world, a community of dancers who train rigorously and host massive festivals and competitions. 


In China, dancers of all skill levels wear beautiful practice wear to all of their classes. Even the beginners!


When Ella first began attending classes in the US, she was surprised to find that all the students wore T-shirts, sports bras, and leggings to class. She was always the only one who dressed up for classes, but she knew her fellow dancers would also benefit from wearing practice gear. 

As a member of the elite dance world, Ella experienced firsthand how dressing in proper dance attire led to more meaningful, productive practice sessions. Practice wear accentuates the movements and boosts the dancer’s self-esteem while cultivating a reverence for the dance, just like martial arts uniforms do for practitioners. And wearing garments made for dance during class gets students accustomed to dancing in long skirts like they would during a performance. 

When Ella told her mentor, Lebanese Simon, about the custom of wearing dancewear to practice in China, he agreed that dancers in the US and around the world would enjoy wearing cute practice wear, too. He told her she should leverage her connections to make high-quality dance apparel accessible to all. His encouragement gave Ella the confidence she needed to bring gorgeous dancewear to MENAHT dancers worldwide by creating Melody Movement Boutique. 

Ella and our team continue to work closely within our supply chain to bring the best designs from the elite dance world to MENAHT dance enthusiasts across the globe. Thanks to her hard work and connections, we offer high-quality dancewear in a variety of sizes, so every dancer can look and feel their best while performing and taking classes.

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