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This lovely body suit set helps you to achieve a more modest look properly when you do not want show too much skin, and it sparkles on the stage. This 2 piece set comes a top body suit that snaps together over the matching bottoms. Soft, stretchy, awesome fabric with sparkly crystals.

Sparkly Body Suit Set

  • Small

    TOP Sleeve L: 21 in Sleeve W: 8-18 in Shoulder to Shoulder:14 in Bust: 26-42 in Tummy: 24-42 in Body Suit L: 25-25 in BOTTOM Elastic: 28-46 in Pant L: 32-44 in Thigh W: 14-24 in


    TOP Sleeve L: 23 in Sleeve W: 9-19 in Shoulder to Shoulder:14 in Bust: 28-44 in Tummy: 24-44 in Body Suit L: 26-37 in BOTTOM Elastic: 30-50 in Pant L: 33-47 in Thigh W: 17-30 in


    TOP Sleeve L: 24 in Sleeve W: 10-20 in Shoulder to Shoulder:14 in Bust: 30-46 in Tummy: 28-46 in Body Suit L: 27-38 in BOTTOM Elastic: 32-54 in Pant L: 35-49 in Thigh W: 18-32 in

    Extra Large

    TOP Sleeve L: 25in Sleeve W: 10-22 in Shoulder to Shoulder:15.5 in Bust: 32-50 in Tummy: 30-52 in Body Suit L: 28-40 in BOTTOM Elastic: 34-58 in Pant L: 36-50 in Thigh W: 19-33 in


    TOP Sleeve L: 26 in Sleeve W: 12-24 in Shoulder to Shoulder:16 in Bust: 33-60 in Tummy: 31-54 in Body Suit L: 30-24 in BOTTOM Elastic: 36-62 in Pant L: 37-51 in Thigh W: 20-34 in


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